Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yu Chang is 75 tomorow (really)

head held high
the old dog
dog-paddles home
Five years ago, I surprised a lot of readers at my weblog f/k/a, when I announced that August 30, 2008 was Yu Chang's seventieth birthday.  Although I realize that five years have indeed passed, I'm still amazed that my good friend and haiku mentor Yu Chang will be seventy-five tomorrow, August 30.  I'm posting this a bit early to allow Yu's fans to react appropriately.

 I'm lucky to have Prof. Chang living just two miles away, and upon his return from an annual visit to Maine, I hope to celebrate over green tea ice cream and bocce.  We might even take our cameras over to the famed Schenectady New York Central Park Rose Garden (where we will again discover that there is plenty of beauty to be enjoyed even when a bit past peak).

By the way, Yu recently told me an old Chinese legend about red beans.  Read about it in the posting "longing for red bean ice cream."

- 1st photo: Gateway Landing Gazebo, Rotterdam, NY, after hurricane Irene (Sept. 1, 2011)
- 2nd photo: taken at Congregation Gates of Heaven, Niskayuna, NY (April 30, 2011)