Monday, January 27, 2014

a special birthday for a special friend

6oth birthday
her smile
still reaches her eyes

  It's Roberta Beary's 60th birthday today. Her youthful energy and attitude are a tribute to her great genes and sense of self.   If you're the only haiku-senryu-tanka fan who is not familiar with Roberta's work, or with my admiration for a special friend, see the f/k/a posting "the unworn necklace: roberta beary's gems", from 2007.   As often happens, when I reread that posting this morning, I found a passage I had forgotten that I wrote that still resonates, and is quite appropriate to say again to Roberta today:
[P]lease don’t feel that you have to “suffer for your art” this next decade. Don’t visit the Dark Side just for your fans’ sake. But, do take us wherever life brings you.