Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I: 004 [musing]

belly to belly
not quite
I to eye

supine at 9:00 --
the Muse must be

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I: 003 [reflections from a gene pool]

home for Christmas -
three old bladders
and one bathroom


dad's armchair --
is 20/40

mom's arthritis
acting up again --
I take two Advil

that little grunt
dad always made --
putting on my socks

"that little grunt" - Frogpond -- XXVIII: 3 (2005)
"mom's arthritis" - Roadrunner Haiku Journal V:4 (Nov. 2005)

Monday, November 28, 2005

I: 002

chilly first date --
she scrapes
my windshield

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I: 001

first Sunday
after Thanksgiving --
only the dog wants turkey

Welcome. With this post, the daily weblog
"simply senryu" is officially launched.

Every day, your host dagosan will post a senryu
poem, for your perusal -- and, it's hoped, your
enjoyment or edification. Because the concepts are
related and often linked (and blurred), here are quick
definitions of "haiku" and "senryu":

Quick Definition of Haiku: Haiku
is a "one-breath" poem (no more
than 17 syllables) that relates nature
to human nature, and usually compares
or contrasts a pair of images, which are
separated by a pause. At its best, haiku
lets the reader share in the poet's "haiku
moment" -- a moment of insight or awe.

Quick Definition of Senryu: Senryu
is a short poem similar in structure to
haiku but featuring ironic, humorous
and/or coarse observations on human

Find more information on senryu by clicking the
Sidebar link "senryu is not a typo." (Note: like the word
"haiku," senryu is both a singular and a plural noun.)

second thoughts

I'm still planning to go public tonight or tomorrow, but
humility makes me wonder whether I can pull off a postable
senryu every day here, along with one daily haiku at dagosan's
haiku diary.

A good philosophy/excuse to keep in mind (mine and yours):
we learn from writing, reading, and analyzing clunkers, even if
it's the good one's that keep us coming back for more.

Staying enthused about daily writing shouldn't be a problem.
Sometimes, of course, the initial thrill can wear off:

first date:
she groans with pleasure
. . . at my pun

married a decade
she hides
the mistletoe

............... from second thoughts (2005)

Friday, November 25, 2005

preview post

Coming soon: dagosan's simply senryu . You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll tell all your friends.

What is senryu? I've "told" (with lots of links) here and here. Right now, I'll "show" a few that were penned in this Thanksgiving season:

smells like Thanksgiving --
two dads smoke cigars
behind the garage

[Nov. 20, 2005]

men washing dishes -
an early alarm
ends her Thanksgiving dream

[Nov. 24, 2005]

with friends like these . . .
a Thanksgiving doggie bag
for the road

[Nov. 25, 2005]

You can find a special senryu section,
with poems from some of the best writers
in the genre, in each edition of Simply Haiku
magazine. It's edited by Alan Pizzarelli, who
gives this Introduction to senryu.